You probably wanted to read about antiviruses for your iPhone, right? I guess you really don’t know the full capability of your iPhone/iPad.

Do you need an antivirus for iPhone?

Do you know? Apple designed the iOS with security as it’s core element. Check this answer from the community of Apple users.

Do you also know? The apps on your iPhone have a limited access to the iOS. This restriction is achieved through a process called sandboxing.

This should tell you that viruses can’t make it through into your iPhone system. You do not need an antivirus on your iPhone!

Interestingly, those so-called iPhone antiviruses can’t actually scan through your iOS to detect viruses. You don’t believe? A top source for a mobile security company said – “in order for an antivirus to work, it needs to hook into the operating system.”

In the iOS, there is no place to hang such hooks, access to its operating system is very limited.

Little wonder Apple removed some antivirus from their app store in 2015. – why iPhones don’t need antivirus software.  So, if the app says like it’s scanning your iPhone system, it’s just a hoax.


What function does an antivirus play on iPhones?

Don’t throw away the idea of getting one of these best antivirus for iPhone, they have good functions that I’ll tell you about shortly.

  • Backup and protection for personal Information and data.

Most of these antivirus apps would help to keep any of your iPhone data or information in case it’s stolen or misplaced. Your passwords, notes, emails, texts, credit card information needs to be protected. Getting one of these best antivirus for your iPhone is necessary for protecting your data.

  • iPhone locator

Ever felt the bad experience of misplacing your iPhone? Or the theft of your precious device? Painful right? These iPhone antivirus apps have good tracking features.

When your iPhone is lost or stolen you can login into some of these antivirus’ website to call, text, wipe or block your iPhone.

  • Multimedia privacy

I order to keep your photos, videos and another other thing you want private, you need to have one of the apps in this list of best antivirus for iPhone. Some iPhone antivirus features fingerprint lock for your photos, videos and any other data you want to hide.

  • Security from malicious websites

Everyone needs protection from savages on the internet. A simple decision of using one of these antivirus would be saving you from dangerous websites and pilfering emails. These so called antivirus are needed afterall!  They might not function as real antivirus, but they play crucial roles that you mustn’t overlook.

To help you make the right choice of antivirus for iPhone, we’ve compiled the list below of the best antivirus for iPhone and their features.


7 Best “Antivirus” For iPhone.

  1. Lookout Mobile Security

This a great iPhone antivirus app. Its primary function is tracking and locating your iPhone when it’s lost or stolen. It also tells you the last location of your iPhone if ever it went off.

Also, if you have an Apple watch, this antivirus for iPhone provides you a way to track your iPhone just with the watch. You can also send messages, send alerts to your iPhone when lost or stolen.

If you don’t have an Apple watch, you can from their website locate, and track your iPhone. Other features you enough with this antivirus;  you get alerted on new iOS updates, you can backup your personal information and download it to a new iPhone device.

It’s a free app. However there’s the premium version available for extra features.


  1. McAfee Security

McAfee is a popular name in technology security and antivirus. Their excellent programs also stretches to the iOS platform. It’s a multifunctional antivirus, it combines  security and privacy function for your iPhone.

This is one of the best antivirus for iPhone because, you enjoy functions that Includes: Privacy for your photos and videos. You can add a pin before your photo album can be assessed.

You also enjoy secure backup for your contacts in case of theft or any fault. If your iPhone gets stolen, with this antivirus, you can wipe your contacts. You can locate your phone with its tracker and send alarm when it’s not found even if your iPhone was on silence then.

All these is enjoyed free.


  1. Mobi Shield

This antivirus for iPhone focus on other functions like monitoring your iPhone’s battery life and your data usage.

Asides these, it also scans any network to which you’re connected to check of there’s anything harmful to your iPhone.

This antivirus also allows you to backup your contacts. You have to pay a token of $1.39 to buy the app.


  1. Norton Mobile Security

A familiar name in the mobile and computer security is Norton. Their iPhone antivirus allows you to backup your contact and easily move them as you change your iPhone.

If your iPhone gets lost, you can track, and send alarms to your iPhone. You can also call your phone from their website if ever it gets misplaced.

It’s free.


  1. Avira Mobile Security

Avira mobile security is useful for keeping out uninvited users on your iPhone. It also scans any app you install for any malicious ware. You can track your iPhone to locate it  when misplaced and if it’s stolen, you can send an alarm.

This antivirus app also backs up your contacts.

It’s also free.


  1. F-Secure

An outstanding feature about this antivirus for iPhone is the content control for kids, to restrict what they access with the iPhone.

Alongside these, you will also enjoy a safer internet use. F-Secure keeps you from malicious website.

You also enjoy protection for internet banking.

It’s free to download, but contains in-app purchase for some features.


  1. Trend Micro Mobile Security

This is a recently developed antivirus for iPhone that’s worth a trial.

It connects to your safari browser to protect your internet activity. You get full protection from malicious websites using this antivirus. This app also helps to backup your iPhone contacts and monitor your data usage.

It’s available for free in the app store.

There you go. You shouldn’t be scared of your iPhone attacked by a virus, the iOS is secured enough. However these so called antivirus are essential security apps for you iPhone.

Feel free to drop your comments and any questions you have concerning this post or anything related.



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