Sports have been with us since the advent of civilization. Sports are engaging ways that a populace can get to pass time whilst enjoying games. Most of us have played at least one sport during our heydays thus, we’re all fanatics of a particular sport.

In contemporary times, there is hardly anyone with enough time to watch TV; it’s a new age really. The internet has eased the convenience of catching sporting events as they happen. All it takes is a good internet connection and, you are ready to go. That’s quite something, huh?

Free live TV streaming sites have a slight edge over normal TV since you can watch any game really. There’s free live football, hockey, boxing, soccer, golf, sumo wrestling, you name it, without much ado.

Where can you find these streaming sites? Well, anywhere on the net really. We list out a couple of the best streaming sites that we believe you will come to love. Check them out!


  1. Watch ESPN

In case you are ever in need of a reliable sports channel to stream all live matches, Watch ESPN is the one for you. However, the site is constrained to US locations thus; you will need to have a handy VPN app and/or subscription in order to access the site.

The site is handy enough since it has app support for mobile devices on platforms like iOS and Android. To watch it on your browser, you need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed beforehand. An even more awesome feature is the fact that the site does not support any of those annoying ad pop-ups, as is the case with most other streaming sites.


  1. Yahoo Sports

This streaming site has been around for ages and was launched by Yahoo to provide avid fans with live sports action on the go. You can access the site on your PC, laptop or mobile Thus; it is a pretty handy resource to have at your disposal.


  1. Fox Sports

The site provides fans with insights on the latest in sports news and development. You can get access to free live streaming of your favorite sports on Fox Sports. The site commands a huge following online with reports of up to 20 million unique visitors accessing the site on a monthly basis. Now, that’s power.


  1. CBS Sports

This live sport-streaming site has a look akin to what is on offer on Yahoo Sports. The clean user interface (UI) on display lets you easily navigate through multiple streams. We’re certain you’ll like the updates, schedules, live scores and videos of all sporting events free.


  1. Stream 2 U

Stream 2 U offers exceptional quality of free sports streaming live. The website specializes with a select number of sporting events covered; these are football, hockey, motorsport and WWE. If you’re a fan of either of these (or all of them!), then you know just where to go 😉


  1. FirstRow Sports

Live TV streaming sites rarely come this good. FirstRow Sports does an exceptional job covering sporting events with great quality. What is even more impressive is the fact that you have access to multiple links to stream a single match. This brings much convenience in situations where a particular link is down since you can always proceed to the other streaming link options.


  1. Boss Cast

This is site is quite popular among available streaming options online. You can access free sports streaming at the comfort of any location without the need to sign up or register. The website is designed to focus and cater on the US market by bringing you US sports online streaming of games. Boss Cast is however relatively new when compared to other streaming sites. Irrespective of this, it has been gaining much traction and momentum in attracting new die-hard fans due to the great quality on offer, free of charge of course!

  1. Stream2Watch

The name sells this website really. You can get to watch free live football online plus a host of so many other games. Navigating the website is a breeze really; all you need to do is type in the search box your favorite sport or simply just visit their dedicated Live Sports section.

Incredibly, the site packs the whole menu (and dessert!) in terms of offerings available on free TV streaming sites. There’s support for movies and series too, for those moments you’d like to watch a little something other than sports. You know, during half time breaks and the like. The site’s popularity has probably been fueled by this multi-faceted approach to providing free live streams.


  1. Batman Stream

This website supports search functionality too. Thus, you can get to optimize your search parameters according to what you feel like checking out at any instant. You can also get to stream great sporting content like the NFL, Basketball, Hockey, Motor Sports and Football, Baseball plus a host of other games all free.


  1. All Sport Live

You will need to have your Google translate options ON when visiting this Russian website. It has a plethora of free sports streaming live options like Football, Tennis, Hockey and a couple more!

We really liked the user interface since you can see the kick off times for various matches at a glance. This can be helpful in planning ahead of time the kind of websites you would like to check out.


  1. VIP Box

This is a relatively new free sports streaming site but it has amassed quite the number of new followers. It offers HD sports of a plethora of sports action. The games on offer are Cricket, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Hockey plus many more.

How do you navigate the site? Easy. All you have to do is go to the site, locate your favorite sport, click and start enjoying the very best of HD sports streaming content. Quite simple.


  1. Stream Woop

The website features an interesting yet simplistic user interface that we’re sure you’ll love. You can get to stream a whole bunch of sporting events like Football, tennis, cricket, boxing, formula 1, golf, baseball plus so many more.

There is also an option to optimize on specific content results by making utility of the Search button that is located conveniently on the home page.


  1. Footy Wire

You can get to stay up to date on all the latest in sports by checking out this site. You’re sure to get not only the live streaming games but also have the option to check out the highlights of missed games. Amazing right? Yes!

We liked the user interface and page responsiveness of the website. This gave us the impression that the site’s creators really took the time to work out the small details necessary to provide you with the ultimate in sports entertainment, free!


  1. FromHOT

This streaming website features a sleek design and friendly user interface. It lures you to engage with the website by checking out the many live streaming sporting events on offer. It’s packaged to offer almost everything right on the homepage, thus there’s no need to go far when looking for a game to stream.

The only flaw with the website would probably be the ads on display during the streaming service. However, the excellent HD quality on offer makes sure that does not act as a hindrance to the watching experience.


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