World of Warcraft is a game to behold. It features stunning graphics and a compelling storyline. As for gameplay, it’s truly state of the art stuff. Typically, it features the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) set up. Players get to create characters with whom they interact within the game world. In essence, the game environment features a richly detailed design that entices players to discover new horizons.

In the gaming sphere, a couple of connoisseurs who review games consider World of Warcraft as a gold standard in the MMO space.  This could have to do perhaps with the large updates constantly available. Another reason could probably have to do with the game’s large population.

When comparing World of Warcraft with other MMOs, one comes to the realization that they pale in comparison. The stand out reason could be the in-depth customization for gaining skills and professions which allows character development geared towards harnessing one’s particular talents.

There’s also the existence of well-crafted guilds that further enhance your gameplay experience by bringing in hundreds of players together. The multiple players get to raid the bosses enjoy some fantastic voyeurs along the way.

However, there exist other Worlds of Warcraft alternatives out there. Some of the games are available free or without a subscription, as a result, players may find themselves dabbling in other similarly styled games. We list out great examples for you.

Here are the Best Games Like WoW that you can play:

  1. Shadow of Mordor (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Shadow of Mordor (PC, Xbox One, PS4 (1)

The game takes inspiration from some classics. The time is set between two amazing magnum opuses: The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings. These motion pictures came to define and defy the odds of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in contemporary times.

As such, you can expect amazing graphics on this game release. It features dangerous yet still fun-filled missions that offer you a glimpse of how the storyline could have unfolded were a motion picture to be released at that time.

All the same, you can simply still enjoy the game without having watched the films. It’s adaptable. You can get to match up with the saintly-white robed Sauron as a showpiece event.

What’s the gameplay like? Fabulous. You get to play the role of a ranger out on the run after the murder of your family by Sauron and his army of evil. The story feels relatable in a world of wonder and magic, you get resurrected and get to fight back for your family. Cinematic stuff really. How does it compare to World of Warcraft? Well, let’s just say it’s almost a coin toss. Stunning game!

Download ($19.99)

2.Neverwinter (PC, Xbox One)

Nothing like an old school re-invention is there? Well, nothing! Neverwinter follows through the finely fabled classic, Dungeons and Dragons. It takes a cue from the classic in its immersive quality. Players oft find themselves enjoying the gameplay so much, you feel as if you are part of the Neverwinter world.

The setup is characters fighting to save Neverwinter after a deadly devastation of fire and plagues falls upon the land. Selecting and customization of the characters let you be part and enjoy quests whilst on the go. Just like WoW, Neverwinter features stunning visuals and a storyline that’s up to par with the best of them.

Download (Free)

3.Skyrim (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)

Come on! We’ve all heard of Skyrim, right? Somewhere in the grapevine at least. Skyrim features just the right amount of dragons (you can say that again!), action, character development and a ton of magic to keep you interested.

It’s the detail in Skyrim that really gets to you really. The gameplay is intense, there are all these things happening all around, and, wait for it…danger all around. It’s a well-balanced equation of the logistics necessary to get you immersed in the game to the point of addiction. A good WoW alternative, to say the least.

Download ($39.99)

4.The Witcher

When comparing The Witcher to World of Warcraft, one gets that feeling of comparing two blockbusters really. They both stand out in their own respects. The Witcher is deeply detailed and fully immersive. In order to really get a gist of some of the missions, it means spending more than just a couple of hours playing.

You know what? Scratch that, it’s actually days. Not one, not two, maybe 3 days of non-stop playing. Even then, just when you think you have a grasp of how things are actually going to turn out, the game surprises you. It’s full of twists and turns. A thing of beauty. Rare.

We are sure you are bound to have a couple of OMG! Moments whilst playing. We know we did! Just take it easy on the game controllers pals, easy.

Download ($39.99)

5.Ryse: Son of Rome (PC, Xbox One)

Romans in the medieval age. What were they if not skilled combatants? This game highlights the beauty of fighting in breathtaking environments and putting a sword through your enemy. It’s not all brute force though, there’s a sense of finesse with everything involved.

To enjoy the gameplay, it’s best to first comprehend the chronological order of events as they happen. The storyline is compelling and told at times in a not so direct manner. Amazingly, you’re still able to keep up with everything that’s happening all around.

With the fluid animations involved. Ryse: Son of Rome feels natural even during the intense fight scenes involved. A worthy WoW alternative.

Download ($19.99)

6.Final Fantasy XIV

Tactical. That’s the name of the game here. Final Fantasy XIV talks a big game and delivers. The setting is in a fictional world where players can play as the protagonist trying to save the Realm. You will be tasked with being a warrior cum savior in order to liberate your people from the evil that exists as they face socio-economic problems.

If you think the storyline is exciting, wait till you check out the graphics on display here. It’s arguably its prime feature on display here too. There’s a hint of believability in this endless world of fantasy. An instant RPG classic.

Download ($19.99)



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