Going by the trend of online streaming services today, you can hardly enjoy a good movie without a subscription to a payment plan for any of these online movie streaming service providers. However, with youtube.com, you can stream some good movies without any cost.

Generally, its reported that those movies on youtube can be quite awful. This is based on their storyline, video quality and all. We brought out the best of the full and free movies on YouTube for you.

All the movies in this list have over 1 million views. You can sit back, follow the link for any movie, and enjoy a free movie for your entertainment.


Mars Underground

A 2007 movie featuring a visionary rocket scientist, Dr Zubrin, who is driven to dominate planet Mars. He and his team plan to get humans to Mars and clear every doubt of NASA. Can he achieve this?




A 2016 American crime movie featuring Callan McAuliffey launching a personal vendetta against the entire banking system after his mom loses her life. He works with an online criminal organization as a  skilled  Hacker.



This is a 2011 French action movie. A little girl watches her parents as they were being slaughtered by Crime Lord Don Louis. She grows into a contract killer for her uncle— her heart burning for vengeance all the way.


The Last Keepers

This 2013 romantic fantasy movie is about a reclusive family who is the only survivor of an ancient line of goddess worshippers. Their teenage daughter soon falls in love and begins to unravel mysteries about her family.


Big Stan

A 2007 American prison comedy. A real estate criminal panics when he knows he’d be imprisoned. For fear of rape among prisoners, he learns martial arts. Watch how he fights his fear.


Last Passenger

This is a British suspense thriller film released in 2013. A doctor and widower while going home with his son, enters a train in which the driver intends to kill himself and all that are with him. What could this be about?


Homeless to Harvard

A movie first released in 2003. This movie features the life of a young girl, Liz Murray, who having passed through unpleasant experiences from her family, rises above all that and gives herself a proper life. See how she does it.


Lone Survivor

This is an American biographical war thriller in 2013. This movie demonstrates the futile United States Navy seals counter insurgent mission. A four-man team was tasked to track down the enemy. This 2011 movie has an amazing concept. A science fiction action thriller featuring a society where aging stops at 25 and each person has a clock on their arm that shows how long they would live. What a concept!


Sleeping Beauty

A movie about a young University lady, who takes up an immoral job. She sleeps nude beside rich men and satisfies whatever lust they crave for.  Julia Leigh directed this movie as her debut in 2011


Born to Race

An action film released  in 2011 featuring a rebellious young street racer on a collision course with trouble. He ventures into an illegal race which results in an accident. This lands him in a new world. Find out what happens.


Gulliver’s Travel

This is about a man, Lemme Gulliver, who started out as a surgeon but later became a captain of several ships. He spent time travelling to nations. Discover his adventure.



Black Gold

A 2011 Qatari-French-Italian-Tunisian epic historical war film. The war is between two Sultans, over a vast barren strip called “The Yellow belt.” One Sultan conquers and asks for something entirely different from the Yellow belt.


Walking The Halls

A 2012 movie television movie set in Los Angeles. An 18 year old high school student who was deceived into sleeping with a man for money after lashing out her boyfriend for dumping her in public. During that period, things fall apart in her family.

HALO: Guardians


Delivery Man

A 2013 American-comedy drama. A delivery man — butcher —is pursued by thugs for owing $80,000. He returns home from work one day to find a Lawyer representing a sperm bank, a consequence to what he did as a student


Step Up Revolution

This movie features a flash mob, famously known as “the Mob.” They shut down Ocean Drive in Miami, and disturb the street with dancing on cars. A classic 2012 movie. It’s dance all the way.


Hitler The Rise

This movie explores Adolf Hitler’s rise into power during the period following the first world war. This movie exposes the adverse effects of the first world War on the state of Germany. You surely want to be educated on this.


War for the Planet of Apes

It started out as a TV series in the 1970s. The movie assumes that the Earth is an evolution of the planet of the apes, and that the place humans used to dwell was destroyed by nuclear weapons used in their wars. Find out more about this intriguing movie.



A 2017 American movie written by Tom Flynn. The movie is about a 7-year-old intelligent girl, Mary Adler, is offered a scholarship to a private school for gifted children because of her remarkable performance in school. Her guardian turns this offer down. Why did he do that?

The Children

A 2008 British horror thriller featuring a rebellious teenage girl. She travels with her mum, stepdad and her two half-brothers, for new year holiday. On getting there, they met more than they bargained for.


Trust you would have a good time with these.

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