These days, online gaming is all the rage. Why play solo through a game when you can get to mingle with other players all over the world? There are obvious advantages of taking on and playing with other players via the web. The primary reason would be a chance to shine on the world stage; the other would probably be in a bid to overcome milestones along the way.

Human interaction has come a long way in terms of communication development. From using grunt sounds to the development of language and the eventual emergence of communities. Nowadays, there are entire gaming platforms hosted purely online. The players’ origins vary from one end of the world to the next. Interestingly, no one bothers about this rather massive detail, for most gamers, it is all about ranking themselves among the best.

As is the case with any activity done online, security is an important pre-requisite for most gamers. Consequently, there emerged the need to have a means to access gaming platforms securely and privately. Some countries impose restrictions on their citizen for one bureaucratic reason or another, as such; there was a need to eliminate geographic restrictions in order to play games online.

Hamachi is a fantastic VPN service that caters to the online gamer seeking anonymity and secure access to their favorite online games without all the hustle and bustle. Impressively, it boasts the ability to create your very own mesh, gateway or hub-and-spoke networks. Not all VPNs cater for such gamers as well as Hamachi does. As a result, it has developed a cult following through the years.

Even with its impressive portfolio and what not, there is always going to be the appeal of alternate technologies. Follow us through as we list our some Hamachi alternatives that are surely going to change your gaming experience.

  1. Tunngle

Every day is a gamers’ paradise with Tunngle. This free resource is able to link up gamers from all around the world and features the impressive ability host both public and private sessions on the platform. The public network can take on board up to 255 players, that is pretty robust by any standards.

It was developed by gamers and caters to those who are gamers at the core. It is probably because of this aspect that they have a forum where players can get to interact as they chitchat on various topics and agendas. Gameplay can easily get enhanced by learning about certain cheats and/or tricks of the game. A fabulous resource to have at hand!

Download (Free with ads, Basic Plus – $1.18/month, Premium – $2.37/month or $23.74 one-time payment)


  1. Evolve

Boasts an impressive user interface that allows gamers to focus on the important stuff: gaming. This directness is credited as being one of the prime reasons why Evolve has become such a hit in the gaming community as a VPN of choice. There is also the ever-expanding list of functionalities supported by the platform.

Some of the features present are party system, instant messaging support, game tracking, a built-in VoIP, video recorder, screenshot taker, friends list and more. Amazingly, it also boasts Chrome browser integration in the game overlay. In addition, did we mention that it is super lightweight? An absolute gem!

Download (Free, Party + $4.99/month)


  1. GameRanger

Within the gaming community, it is simply referred to as GR. From that alone, you can tell that it is pretty popular and has a following in the community. The user interface is quite easy to comprehend and interact with.

It also has the ability to use game rooms in the creation of VPNs. To generate a game room in GR, you first need to select which game you would like to play and then select and optional password to make utility of in the room. Once that is set up, you can go ahead to inviting your friends to join you in the room or simply wait for them to join in at their own volition.

It has the strengths of Hamachi and Tunngle and then some. For instance, it is widely heralded due to the ability to take care of in-game lobby creation. This means that after starting the game in the room, GameRanger will automatically load the game, the menus, create a lobby game and immerse you in it. If you are joining someone else’s game, it will automatically do all the aforementioned steps and then automatically connect you to that lobby. Further development should see this become a bright spark in the gaming community. An essential, fantastic resource.

Download (Free, Silver Membership – $19.95/year, Gold Membership – $39.95/year)


  1. NetOverNet

Provides a basic solution in the creation of Virtual LAN servers to host private gaming sessions among your peers and friends online. This platform is not purely meant for gaming since it is a VPN emulator. This means that it can be further utilized in playing multiplayer games.

It is a good alternative to Hamachi since you can create a separate VPN on the platform. It supports a maximum of 16 clients. Sturdy.

Download (Free, Base – $5/month, Advanced – $10/month)


  1. Wippien

Game developers usually develop models for their games that usually do not feature a high polygon count but are well textured. The essence of this is to be able to enhance gameplay. Wippien is developed from a game developer and a gamer’s perspective. It does away with all the unnecessary bells and whistle and sticks to doing one thing well, provide a platform for online gaming.

Its size is a measly 2MB and is one of the lightest VPN creators’ world over, yet still, just as powerful. How does it work? Easy, it uses an open-source peer-to-peer connection in the creation of VPNs that are free to use. In order to register, one has to have either a Gmail account or Jabber. A fitting Hamachi alternative.

Download (Free)


  1. FreeLAN

This generic VPN creator can host both private and public sessions for gamers. Just like Wippien, it is open sourced and available for free. Fascinatingly, it allows for customizations in the software. Thus, it can be used to establish various network layouts like P2P, client servers, and hybrid networks.

Download (Free)


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