When it comes to tower defense games, the strategy is the name of the game, both figuratively and literally. In earnest, it’s much more than just simple tactics, most involve a whole lot of action with minimal stress to the players. That is the key selling point perhaps. Come to think of it, maybe it is the allure of challenging and trying to out-maneuver various opponents. All we know is tower defense games are here to stay for the near future.

That last statement is music to the ears of game developers around the world. Often times, it is plausible that most have dabbed in the development of tower defense games at some point. There is a magic associated with the numbers game really. For every couple of hundred releases, there’s bound to be a pack of aces somewhere.

Fascinated? Well, you should be! Where could you make acquaintance with the top tier tower defense games? Easy, right here! Follow through as we list some of the top tower defense games out there that will get your veins bubbling 😉


  1. Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Really impressive game by any standards. It features the perfect combination of action and strategy well intertwined with a touch of randomness to keep you baying for more. From the onset, you get to enjoy the game by unlocking features, which come in the way of traps, trap mods, gears, trap upgrades and other rewards. As such, it has a rather unorthodox mode of game progression compared to most games that feature levels and campaigns along the way.

The fact that it features team-based gameplay is an obvious plus really, you can get to take on various missions together with other players in either Survival or Sabotage mode. See you in the game!

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  1. Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition

Does everybody love the walking dead right? Right! There’s a ton of impressive graphics and humor associated with this game due to the undead characters played by the zombies. At times, it feels as though they might just break out into a dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, remember that? Oh well, we’re no 80’s music connoisseurs but, was a classic.

This game is fast shaping up to be just the same. It’s an instant hit, even among the kids, though it features mild violence done aptly. What’s the gameplay like? Well, we’d class it as being easy to learn and hard to master. During gameplay, you get to feel all these tingling sensations of adrenalin as the zombies’ march towards you in hordes. It’s at this point that you should rush to place your plants and collect as much sunlight as if the world depended on it. Addictive!

Download ($4.99)


  1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

This game just gets you pumped up, and for all the right reasons! It features a pretty fast and mind-boggling gameplay that lures and entices players to keep doing just that, playing!

You get to take command of your squadron through a tale of adventure through the wild lands of dragons, man-eating plants and ghastly creatures. Whist on the road, you’ll constantly be receiving briefs and story updates. From then, it’s up to you to deploy your towers to annihilate the enemy. Interestingly, the game features a ton of action for you once you get the upgrades. All the same, if you’re a fan of Kingdom Rush, you’ll find yourself right at home with the Frontiers’ gameplay.

The developers seem to have had fun when creating this. It features some funny gimmicks like jokes and Easter eggs and heck, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean references. Through the battles, you move from the desert to the jungle and underground all whist having lots of fun annihilating the enemy. A blockbuster!

Download ($9.99)


  1. They Are Billions


Zombies, tons of them! There’s quite nothing to beat that, is there? Nope. They are Billions commences by taking you through the ropes with a bunch of easy kills, just to get you acquainted with the way of the future. Then, the pressure starts, from everywhere! You start to sweat to win, there are many deterrents on show here: resource scarcity, brazen attacks by overly aggressive enemies and tides of the undead creeping towards you.

Then, it hits you. To get through the game, you need to be a bit more strategic. The best-laid strategies oft involve the need to time attacks. As such, when playing Survival mode, you’ll find yourself needing to last between 80-150 days. It goes without saying that we’d suggest you picking longer settings in order to spread out the zombie attacks, simple math really!

The gameplay is fast-paced meaning that you have to be fully immersed in the gaming experience with minimal distractions. Each minute makes all the difference between progression to the next stage and having your brains mauled by a pack of zombies that are constantly shuffling towards you. Eerily fun!

Download ($24.99)


  1. Sanctum 2

This larger than life game perfectly blends tower defense and first-person shooting in a fantastic plot. The depiction is well elaborated through comic book styled loading screens, interesting to say the least.

Visually, it offers a treat and the sound is definitely at par with the visual elements at play. The visuals and audio are well inter-twined to give off that impressive science fiction narrative. There is an element of surprise involved too during gameplay since most of the information is usually hidden from the player. This leads to the need to constantly guess and re-evaluate various situations and the strategies to employ.

Gameplay involves players having to choose from four characters. Each character is unique in the allocation of weapons and movement. As such, we would recommend you trying out all the characters in order to discover which one suits your playing style the best. Customization of characters and weapons is also evidence which gives you the impression of a Call of Duty styled thematic setting.


The higher you progress through the levels, the easier it is to kill off your enemies/aliens due to improved perks provided. It is a sweet, sweet game to play through it has its frustrations due to the hidden elements during gameplay. Then again, isn’t that just the beauty of gaming? An absolutely nerve-wracking game!

Download ($14.99)


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